Wellness Counseling

The physical, mental, emotional and energetic aspects of our systems are an integrated whole.  If you’re in a bad place emotionally, it affects your physiology and weakens your energetic body.  If you’re exhausted or in physical pain, it affects your mood and mental focus.  And if there is a block in your energy flow, it can affect your physical and emotional health in sometimes dramatic ways.

I use an individualized combination of approaches to address your specific needs.  Whole-body balancing includes traditional physical and cutting-edge energetic approaches to identify and address the root causes of imbalance in your system:

Physical:  Restore physical balance with a range of tools including in-depth history-taking, applied kinesiology, nutrition support, herbs, homeopathy, purification and detoxification programs, clinical aromatherapy and Raindrop Technique, AET (allergy elimination technique), and CoRe bioresonance assessment and remedies.

Mental:  Support lifestyle changes, clear mental habits and patterns, release old beliefs and limitations, help set and achieve goals and manage transition with energy-infused and body-centered life coaching.  Improve stress-management with techniques derived from yogic and other ancient traditions.

Emotional:  clear old emotional patterns or trapped emotions that keep you ‘stuck’ and that may lie at the root of your physical challenges with weight, pain or other issues. Tools include The Emotion Code, Neuro-Emotional Technique, Emotional Freedom Technique and essential oil protocols.

Energetic/Spiritual:  like the electrical system in a building, ‘blocks’ in human energy pathways can stop the flow of energy to organs and body systems, and our ‘circuit breakers’ can get overloaded and shut down. Sometimes the original wiring pan gets altered over time and needs to be re-worked or cleaned up to keep all the lights on and functions running. Tools include Healing Touch, Reiki, Matrix Energetics, the Yuen Method, Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) and intuitive insights.

I am committed to empowering you with knowledge and providing the physical, emotional and energetic support you need to affect lasting positive change.

Contact me to arrange a consultation. I support clients in the U.S. and several foreign countries and work both in-person and by phone.