Clients Say

For years I’ve had a problem with blushing. I’ve tried all kinds of things with no success, but Katherine’s energy-balancing techniques helped me solve it. Her energy healing sessions are fantastic. I have gone in several times feeling out of whack or with a bad headache and after 30 minutes feel completely renewed and relaxed. Most importantly, I now understand what these energies are and how to manipulate them myself. It’s made a huge difference.”         MC, Virginia


I have known Katherine as a healer for many years. I have watched over the years how her intuitive abilities have deepened along with her energy healing capabilities. Katherine is the go-to person for me any time I realize that I’m stuck in an emotional pattern that’s not serving – either keeping me miserable, preventing me from seeing the bigger picture, creating physical symptoms, or keeping me disconnected from my higher self. More often than not, all of these are happening at the same time, and Katherine invariably, creates a shift for me that addresses all of these on all levels.

One of Katherine’s strengths is the way she blends multiple modalities. From the CoRe, to Healing Touch to Matrix Energetics to Emotion Code to Spiritual Response Therapy: her understanding of the ways in which we create dis-ease is profound, and so is her ability to access the information necessary for us to restore balance. 

I wholeheartedly recommend Katherine as an intuitive, energy practitioner, and overall healer who can help with the most intractable problems, whether they show up on the physical, emotional, mental or spiritual levels.”    IT, Washington, DC


Time spent with Katherine is time well spent! She is an exceptional coach and I appreciate her professionalism and expertise. I would recommend that anyone set aside some time for a session, on a regular basis. I learned more about myself and my past in one hour than I have learned in a lifetime. My husband and daughter are also clients of Katherine. The individual coaching, and as a family unit has made immediate differences in life and relationships.”    MG, Texas